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29 November 2009

Our Stunning new 2010 Calendar is now available. For anybody who wish to receive a calendar at $15 please contact Liz at liz@cdsecurity.co.nz.

November has also seen the official launch of the Hospitality Security Association. All CD Security staff have joined the HSA and become registered security members. The HSA was established to standardise the level of service and training within our profession and has members from many of the bars in the CBD of Palmerston North.

As the Christmas holidays near you must all be busy planning your office party's. We suggest getting out of the office and taking advantage of Manawatu’s many bars that cater to private functions. All you need to do here is book the venue and tell them what your needs are, enjoy your night and wait for the invoice.

Year after year CD Security has witnessed the aftermath of many office party’s and work do’s and in many instances it’s not a pretty sight, mainly due to the levels of intoxication stumbling into town afterwards. Remind staff that Christmas parties should not be seen as an excuse to do the years worth of drinking in one celebratory night.

Also if you are giving bottles of alcohol to your staff as a ‘Christmas Thank You’ it is advisable to do this at work or before the party, not on the night as it leads to problems when people bring alcohol into town, as the CBD is a liquor ban area. The Police are currently arresting and prosecuting breaches of the liquor ban.

In CD Security’s professional opinion a Christmas party is your chance to relax and celebrate, so instead of fearing the misuse of your photocopier again this year and stressing out with the added task of throwing your own party, hire a venue to take care of you and your co-workers. You’ve done your hard work, let the party professionals do theirs. Enjoy your evening of emptying the boss’s credit card. Merry Christmas!


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